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Yoni Crystal Eggs
Connecting with your Feminine Power

Lyonne Sundari Yoni Crystal Egg Workshop

Women can reconnect with their feminine power

through their most sacred place, their wombs,

by using crystal yoni eggs.


Many women are disconnected from their feminine power and sensitivity because they have been disconnected from their inner conscious connection with their yoni; this could be due to shame, culture, trauma, or simply because they are overwhelmed and stressed. During this therapy utilizing the gemstone yoni eggs, the vagina and pelvic floor muscles are conditioned with a series of contractions and releases ( Kegel ). Yoni eggs help release stagnant energies and promote healing, also used to stimulate and direct Chi, " life force energy," and enhance all organs' sensitivity and stimulation. Weights may also be used with the eggs for kegel exercises to stimulate strength and power.

Benefits of Yoni Eggs Therapy:

  • Stimulates vital reflexology points within the vaginal walls (called Yoni in Sanskrit)

  • Aids to release trapped, unprocessed experiences of the past.

  • Allows you to drop your awareness into the sexual center.

  • A connection that brings acceptance and allowance.

  • It brings a sense of Unity within.

  • Awakens the Wombs Presence.

  • Develops advanced vaginal muscle control.

  • Awakens the numerous numb nerves inside the vagina.

  • Stimulates your many orgasmic pathways beyond the clitoris.

  • Creates powerful sexual energy.

  • Increases libido.

  • Increases natural lubrication.

  • Increases vaginal sensitivity.

  • It helps you harness the power of your womb.

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