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Lyonne Premananda is a spiritual guide helping others open up to Presence, Non-Duality, Awareness, Divine, and Natural Full Consciousness. The teachings are not something new but is our inherent Truth. The unique Divine Love Consciousness Transmission has allowed many to raise their Levels of Consciousness and return Home permanently.

The Divine Love nature cannot be captured by our physical eyes or grasped through our sense of touch. It has nothing to do with the love we experience on earth nor with any personal or impersonal relationships. 

Divine Love can be experienced beyond intellect, reasoning, and senses. It is available and possible for everyone to merge with Divine nectar. The Love Divine is not related to the heart chakra or energies associated with worldly connectivity. To experience Divine Love, we must surrender the sense of "I" and melt into the Divine, allowing Grace to uplift us from ignorance. This aligns and connects us with the Eternal and Boundless Love that is not related to anything in the external world.


It requires a shift of focus toward stillness, nothingness, and emptiness as a start and to perceive the divine through the great unknown.

If you touch upon Divine Love, it appears everywhere.


There is a gateway, an entry point for us to rise within and above worldly distractions and energy streams that pull us in different directions. To experience Divine Love, we must rise above the limitations of our senses and intellect. The love that can only be experienced through complete surrender.

This Session is for you if you feel called to receive a blessing from Anandamayi Ma. It also includes a Divine Love Consciousness Transmission. This transmission may help you let go of the deepest burdens you carry in your heart and Soul while being hugged and encompassed with the most profound highest form of Pure love.

Grace is called to uplift you!


This Session includes a discussion, a blessing, and guided meditation to prepare you to receive the Divine Love transmission. During the Session, it is advisable to be as relaxed and receptive and allow a Divine transmission and healing to occur. Afterward, we dedicate time to reflect and respond to any of your questions—a duration of 60min.


The transmission will be recorded and shared with you at the end of the meeting.

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Payment Details

The fee is 222 for a 60min session and 320 for a 90min session; discounted packages are available below. Sessions also include the measurement of your personal chart, your Level of Self-Realization, Level of Consciousness, Soul, Mind, Heart, Body Nervous System, and Full Consciousness.

€222 for a 60min Session


€320 for a 90min Session


15 % Discount Package

5 Sessions - 60min €944


Bank Transfer​

Beneficiary: Lyonne Carabott
IBAN: LT44 3250 0781 5245 0070
Bank Name and Address: Revolut Bank UAB 
Konstitucijos ave. 21B, 08130, Vilnius, Lithuania

Contact Lyonne to set an appointment


Lyonne Premananda is guided by a special Soul who works closely with her and the community. Anandamayi Ma, also known as the Blissful Mother, is an Enlightened being and a widely acknowledged avatar who lived in India and continues to exist in the realm of spirit. Lyonne has a direct relationship with Anandamayi Ma, whom she sees as her spiritual mother.

Anandamayi Ma has imparted much spiritual wisdom to Lyonne Premananda and supports her directly during her meetings. Anandamayi Ma is a beacon of light and is channeled through Lyonne during special transmissions, conveying Ma's blessings directly. This great Divine Heart is enveloped in bliss, and pure Consciousness melts or shakes up those who are ready to meet her. Meanwhile, Anandamayi Ma continues to hone Lyonne Premananda's ability to extend this devotional transmission and message to humanity: surrender to the Divine GodSelf within!

Anandamayi Ma was a 20th-century avatar: a direct emanation of wisdom born awake. By her own testimony, Ma manifested in response to the prayers of sentient beings for a female incarnation of the divine.

While accounts of her extraordinary Lila, or enlightened activities, are legion, she lived her life as a householder in unusually close contact with her devotees, advising them about all aspects of life, laughing with them, comforting them, singing, and simply allowing all those who came to find refuge in her presence.


Her guiding presence is still available to anyone who wishes to seek it out. Ma directly embodied enlightened wisdom to such a degree that she was able to convey the subtlest teachings to tens of thousands of followers from all walks of life. Her teachings are inspiring and deeply moving.

Jaya Ma!

"Who is it that loves and whom that suffers? He alone stages a play with Himself. The individual suffers because he perceives duality. Find the One everywhere and in everything, and there will be an end to pain and suffering."

~Anandamayi Ma


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Divine Love Meditations & Transmissions

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Johanna Glaad
Yoga Teacher

Lyonne is such a wonderful loving teacher and guide. Her sessions are so so helpful and her presence and love in the practice are magical and amazing! You definitely will feel that. I’m so deeply grateful Lyonne comes into my life. She helps me with her warm wisdom and experiences to guide me in changing my life into a more harmonious, loving, and peaceful life. Can highly recommend her online meetings and healing sessions if you are ready to be the best version of yourself. Her podcast is also absolutely amazing.
Thank you!!

With love and gratitude 🙏❤️✨

Santi Castro.jpg

Lyonne has a very loving and bright light, I experience her presence as soft, gentle, and welcoming. she has guided me many times into meditation, speaking on many levels to accommodate the beginner and advanced members in the group. Even in silence, her presence is shining, showing the way.
Last week during her Satsang, she asked a series of questions to help us take the next step deeper. I experienced a beautiful opening into new territory. My experience was of something calmer than calmness and lighter than even happiness or joy. It was the most stillness I have ever seen. Since then, I have been able to open back up to this by using the method she showed the group!

Much Love & Gratitude to Lyonne ☀️

Anna Lena Profile_edited.jpg

My encounter with Lyonne was a gift from the stars. She came into my life at the right time, only when I needed her magic the most. It feels as though she is a stranger to no one... she will invite you into her heart with open arms, and from then, better yet, she will ask you into your seat. Lyonne led me into a place within myself where everything is fine, where everything flows, where time, stress, and worries do not exist... a place where I could spiritually experience a beautiful totality....she introduced me to certainty, a complete trust, security within myself... We are so much more than we think...when an angel-like Lyonne crosses your path, consider yourself very, very lucky :)

Thank you, Lyonne.


Santi Castro
Music Producer

Anna Lena
Relationship Consultant

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