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Lyonne Premananda is a spiritual guide helping others open up to Presence, Non-Duality, Awareness, Divine, and Natural Full Consciousness. The teachings are not something new but is our inherent Truth. The unique Divine Love Consciousness Transmission has allowed many to raise their Levels of Consciousness and return Home permanently.

The Divine Love nature cannot be captured by our physical eyes or grasped through our sense of touch. It has nothing to do with the love we experience on earth nor with any personal or impersonal relationships. 

Divine Love can be experienced beyond intellect, reasoning, and senses. It is available and possible for everyone to merge with Divine nectar. The Love Divine is not related to the heart chakra or energies associated with worldly connectivity. To experience Divine Love, we must surrender the sense of "I" and melt into the Divine, allowing Grace to uplift us from ignorance. This aligns and connects us with the Eternal and Boundless Love that is not related to anything in the external world.


It requires a shift of focus toward stillness, nothingness, and emptiness as a start and to perceive the divine through the great unknown.

If you touch upon Divine Love, it appears everywhere.


There is a gateway, an entry point for us to rise within and above worldly distractions and energy streams that pull us in different directions. To experience Divine Love, we must rise above the limitations of our senses and intellect. The love that can only be experienced through complete surrender.

This Session is for you if you feel called to receive a blessing from Anandamayi Ma. It also includes a Divine Love Consciousness Transmission. This transmission may help you let go of the deepest burdens you carry in your heart and Soul while being hugged and encompassed with the most profound highest form of Pure love.

Grace is called to uplift you!


This Session includes a discussion, a blessing, and guided meditation to prepare you to receive the Divine Love transmission. During the Session, it is advisable to be as relaxed and receptive and allow a Divine transmission and healing to occur. Afterward, we dedicate time to reflect and respond to any of your questions—a duration of 60min.


The transmission will be recorded and shared with you at the end of the meeting.