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Spiritual Heart Awakening

Inner Love is when the mind drops and centers into the Heart. The mind surrenders all its knowledge to Love because Love is the Answer.


Inner Love opens its doors to the Heavenly realms. It is the most beautiful spiritual honeymoon period where there is no more fear. Love is the way, and all there is Love. That is commonly defined as a 5th dimension in the Ascension teachings.


Inner Love can be opened by devoting yourself to your Inner Spirit, your Higher Self in the Heart. This Love further grows and matures to encompass love to oneself and loving thy neighbor, thus opening and expanding to the Unity Consciousness, where a person feels undeniable at-oneness with everything. It is a feeling of connectedness, and life becomes complete and joyous, and a sense of serenity is felt in the mind because love and oneness give a deep fulfillment to life.

What happens during the 4th Initiation?

• Intelligent and Unconditional Love.

• Loving-kindness as a state of being.

• Cultivating a compassionate heart.

• A Spiritual Honeymoon feeling.

• Capacity to love all living beings.

• Love flows from inside the heart.

• This Love is Uplifting to others around you.

• Is accompanied by a sense of Truthfulness and pure motives.

• Can discern the essence of people, situations, and issues.

• Holistic problem-solving.

• More accurate Intuitive insights.

• Inner Ascension to Heaven (5th-dimensional consciousness).

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