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Presence & Beingness Consciousness Opening

Presence Consciousness is considered spiritual adulthood. It is relatively rare and not many people are awake at this level of consciousness. Presence awakening is very different from all previous energy work and practices. It is a “Being” consciousness, rather than “Doing”. It is the “I AM” -ness, where Being is preferred instead of interacting with energies and objective phenomena. There is a realization that there is no “doer” of activity because upon a closer look there is no one here as such. It was only an assumed identity when actually all thoughts and emotions are happening by themselves. There is no doer and there is no one that is doing something, it is all happening by itself actually.


At this stage, it might be easier to practice Karma Yoga (action without attachment to the result) because of letting go of the sense of doership, whether with conscious awareness or not.

Presence in Ascension teachings is the “I AM Presence” and a direct connectedness and full merging with the Soul where the Soul fully Descends back into the Body. The spirit now can Descend back to the body, back to Earth, thus establishing Heaven on Earth. It is also called Cosmic consciousness due to the exponential expansion of consciousness from the individual Higher Self to the Cosmic Christed Self. It is a true meaning of the HERE and NOW as a true Present Moment of being able to sustain not only Light and Love, but all passing energies in the “space” of the Present moment, thus the focus shifts from manifestation into Being a Space for manifestation to happen and pass by.

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What happens during the 6th Initiation?

• Considered as spiritual adulthood.

• A way of Being as I AM-ness.

• To be for the sake of Being, without a need to look for or search for anything.

• Being rather than doing or engaging with energies.

• The field of being beyond the Chakras/Kundalini and energy.

• Being Present with all passing energies (the tree and spiritual weather analogy).

• Being HERE in the Present Moment, nowhere else.

• The Present is beyond the Past and Future.

• Allowing oneself to Feel the Deep Feelings that previously were Avoided.

• The “I AM Presence” in Ascension teachings.

• A Cosmic Consciousness as the Galactic Self.

• Christ Consciousness where the ego dies on a cross of time and space.

• Full merging with the Soul where the Soul descends back into the body.

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