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What is Consciousness Transmission?

Consciousness is all-pervading and is present in every particle of nature. Lyonne supports transferring the consciousness energy toward the lower densities and entanglements of the participants. As you receive the Consciousness Transmission, It dissolves and unwinds the locks and blocks and helps to clear the obstacles. It also activates a higher level of consciousness because of the higher attunements that take place. This gives one an opportunity to Self-Inquire what is prior, thus awakening to a closer, deeper, and higher Truth. This opening, activation, and clearing are easily possible through Consciousness Transmission.


The 12 Initiations (Levels of Consciousness) are a step-by-step guided pathway into your absolute nature. It is a program based on the Levels of Consciousness and designed to support you to become the best version of your True Self and heal any core wounds that trap you into believing you are separate and distant from whom you truly are. It is necessary that through this life, you inquire about exposing and knowing yourself beyond culture, form, sex, and any conditions. This is a direct path with effective practices that will support opening your next level of Consciousness. Also, other practices will support raising your vibration and upgrading your nervous system!

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Benefits of Transmission:

  • Rapid Growth on Your Journey to Full Consciousness

  • Transcendence of Identifications

  • Clarity of Seeing Beyond Dualities

  • Heightened Awareness & Support from Divine

  • Attunement to Divine Light & Love 

  • Accelerated Healing & More Harmonious Transformation


Enlightened Awareness to
Full Consciousness
Realized Students


Presence & Non-Duality
Realized Students


Inner Light, Love, Unity
Realized Students

Consciousness Transmission

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Lyonne is experienced in guiding you into the opening to your next level of Consciousness through the 12 Initiations Programme  (Levels of Consciousness)

The Consciousness Transmission is focused on unlocking the major obstacles and working with Consciousness to support the opening of the next level. 

Suitable for people between the 5th Initiation and the 12th Initiation.

(Presence to Full Consciousness)

She applies effective practices to clear, purify, align, balance, and amplify energy and consciousness and strengthens your connection with Source Consciousness. Preparing you step by step toward the openings of the higher spiritual levels.

Lyonne follows through with the guidance of the levels of Consciousness and clarifies your progress by using kinesiology testing to monitor the evolution of your Consciousness.

You will receive your Personal Chart:

Example of a chart with Consciousness Transmissions

Chart R.jpg

In the Personal Chart, 1000 is the highest measurement. 

You can also download the Personal Charts PDF file here with a more detailed explanation.

After 1000 - Full Consciousness Integration Transmission Session:

Since there are increasingly more students at 1000 Full Consciousness, the next step is to work on the Full Consciousness Integration via Body Nervous System, Energy System Integration, and further Ascension Work.

In this session, you will receive a supportive Full Consciousness Integration Transmission, your Personal Chart, and advice on any questions, and any further integrative support needed.

General Information about Consciousness Transmissions

Consciousness Transmissions generally include a discussion, self-inquiry, guidance in meditation, and transmission.

During the Consciousness Transmission, it is very important to be open and hold no expectations. Allow and trust Source to find you.

The Meditation/Transmission is recorded and shared with you at the end of the meeting so you can keep a personal library of practices and meditations, if needed, for future reference. Plus, it helps to repeat it for better integration.

You will also receive recommendations and suggestions for watching videos and reading books between meetings to continue integrating and learning until the next session.

For best results, meeting every 21 days gives time to integrate the highest light received during the last session, thus supporting the most balance, grounds, and centeredness.


Payment Details

The fee is 222 for a 60min session and 320 for a 90min session; discounted packages are available below. Sessions also include the measurement of your personal chart, your Level of Self-Realization, Level of Consciousness, Soul, Mind, Heart, Body Nervous System, and Full Consciousness.

€222 for a 60min Session


€320 for a 90min Session


15 % Discount Package

5 Sessions - 60min €944


Bank Transfer​

Beneficiary: Lyonne Carabott
IBAN: LT44 3250 0781 5245 0070
Bank Name and Address: Revolut Bank UAB 
Konstitucijos ave. 21B, 08130, Vilnius, Lithuania

Contact Lyonne to set an appointment

Johanna Glaad.jpg

Johanna Glaad
Yoga Teacher

Lyonne is such a wonderful loving teacher and guide. Her sessions are so so helpful and her presence and love in the practice are magical and amazing! You definitely will feel that. I’m so deeply grateful Lyonne comes into my life. She helps me with her warm wisdom and experiences to guide me in changing my life into a more harmonious, loving, and peaceful life. Can highly recommend her online meetings and healing sessions if you are ready to be the best version of yourself. Her podcast is also absolutely amazing.
Thank you!!

With love and gratitude 🙏❤️✨


Santi Castro.jpg

Santi Castro
Singer / Recording Artist

Lyonne has a very loving and bright light, I experience her presence as soft, gentle, and welcoming. she has guided me many times into meditation, speaking on many levels to accommodate the beginner and advanced members in the group. Even in silence, her presence is shining, showing the way.
Last week during her Satsang, she asked a series of questions to help us take the next step deeper. I experienced a beautiful opening into new territory. My experience was of something calmer than calmness and lighter than even happiness or joy. It was the most stillness I have ever seen. Since then, I have been able to open back up to this by using the method she showed the group!

Much Love & Gratitude to Lyonne ☀️

Anna Lena Profile_edited.jpg

Anna Lena
Holistic Therapist

My encounter with Lyonne was a gift from the stars. She came into my life at the right time, only when I needed her magic the most. It feels as though she is a stranger to no one... she will invite you into her heart with open arms, and from then, better yet, she will ask you into your seat. Lyonne led me into a place within myself where everything is fine, where everything flows, where time, stress, and worries do not exist... a place where I could spiritually experience a beautiful totality....she introduced me to certainty, a complete trust, security within myself... We are so much more than we think...when an angel-like Lyonne crosses your path, consider yourself very, very lucky :)

Thank you, Lyonne.

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