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What is Consciousness Transmission?

Consciousness is all-pervading and is present in every particle of nature. Lyonne supports transferring the consciousness energy toward the lower densities and entanglements of the participants. As you receive the Consciousness Transmission, It dissolves and unwinds the locks and blocks and helps to clear the obstacles. It also activates a higher level of consciousness because of the higher attunements that take place. This gives one an opportunity to Self-Inquire what is prior, thus awakening to a closer, deeper, and higher Truth. This opening, activation, and clearing are easily possible through Consciousness Transmission.


The 12 Initiations (Levels of Consciousness) are a step-by-step guided pathway into your absolute nature. It is a program based on the Levels of Consciousness and designed to support you to become the best version of your True Self and heal any core wounds that trap you into believing you are separate and distant from whom you truly are. It is necessary that through this life, you inquire about exposing and knowing yourself beyond culture, form, sex, and any conditions. This is a direct path with effective practices that will support opening your next level of Consciousness. Also, other practices will support raising your vibration and upgrading your nervous system!

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Benefits of Transmission:

  • Rapid Growth on Your Journey to Full Consciousness

  • Transcendence of Identifications

  • Clarity of Seeing Beyond Dualities

  • Heightened Awareness & Support from Divine

  • Attunement to Divine Light & Love 

  • Accelerated Healing & More Harmonious Transformation


Enlightened Awareness to
Full Consciousness
Realized Students