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Peace, Bliss & Silence Retreat Gozo Nov 2019 (15)
Goddess Retreat Malta | Lyonne
Bali Retreat | New Humanity School
India Retreats | New Humanity School
Goddess Retreat Malta | Lyonne

Lyonne Sundari has been offering over thirty retreats in these past eight years. Earlier on, her main offerings were with women, supporting them to become empowered and heal any trauma they might have encountered. For a while, she also offered Cacao Ceremonies, Esctatic Dance, Yoni Womb work, and so much more. Now Lyonne is offering twice a year online retreats, once a year in Austria, twice a year in Gozo, Malta, and others, depending on the calling. She has been hosting retreats with her twin flame Sat Mindo for the past six years, and their offerings together are focused on Opening and integrating higher Consciousness through, Consciousness Transmissions, Meetings in Truth, Self-Inquiry, and Guided Meditations.


Lyonne is an empath; thus, she can perform advanced healing work with people individually and in groups and is skilled in imparting her knowledge to her students during workshops, retreats, and courses.

Lyonne Sundari is a certified Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher with more than 2000 hours of teaching. She was also given special training by Minke de Vos and Shashi Solluna in 2014 on facilitating women's circles, group workshops, and holding space for Tao energy practice, meditation, healing, Qigong, sacred sexuality, and women’s health.


Lyonne’s online meetings, courses, retreats, and teacher training courses will typically include one or a combination of the following:


  • Awakening Conversations with Lyonne 

  • Non-Dual Life Teachings

  • Consciousness Opening and Integration Sessions

  • Nervous System Healing and Strengthening

  • Healing Sessions. Reiki. Sound Healing. Chakra Balancing, Kundalini Attunements

  • Yoga: Yoga of Now, Kriya Yoga

  • Goddess Essence Divine Feminine Online Courses 

  • Goddess Essence TTC 

  • Yoga of Now TTC

  • Meditation & Spiritual Life Coaching TTC

  • Breath of Life Facilitators Training Course


Visit this page from time to time to learn about Lyonne’s workshops, yoga, retreats, goddess teacher training, and online courses.


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