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The Pre-Awakened State
What happens during the 1st Initiation?
  • Use your perception of your environment to control your genes and make possibilities into realities.

  • Access the untapped creative power of the conscious mind.

  • Never perceive yourself as a "victim" of circumstances or heredity again.

  • Focus your thoughts in a way that will help them become things.

  • Overcome family and developmental "programming" that may be holding you back.

  • Utilize heart/brain harmony for greater personal resilience.

  • Awaken and understand the heart's language of intuition.

  • Create and sustain the gamma brain state, allowing you easier access to advanced powers you didn't know you had.

  • Nurture and support your built-in longevity mechanism to ensure a long and healthy life.

  • Allow your Heart Intelligence to lift you beyond your problems and into a new dimension of awareness.

  • Access the four ways your heart communicates with you all the time, providing you with important information.

  • So many more scientific understandings of Truth!

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Positivity and Trust

Breaching the crucial threshold of Positivity might feel like an internal pole shift. Suddenly your head is above water and you can see the sun again. The positivity starts the journey of true self-empowerment and having the ability to change your life for the better.​ 

Positivity to Rationality is where the dense and compressed mind starts to melt and decompress its rigid beliefs. The major part of humanity finds itself within these levels, and life and living conditions are significantly better here than in the sub Positivity levels.

While the sub Positivity levels would correspond to the Yogic term “Tamas” (darkness, imbalance, disorder, chaos, anxiety, impure, destructive, delusion, negative, dull or inactive, apathy, inertia or lethargy, violent, vicious, ignorant, entropy), the levels between Positivity and Rationality is all about “Rajas” (activity, passion, transition, individualizing, driven, moving, dynamic, ambitious).

In the state of Positivity and Trust, you are still circling the drain of the sub Positivity levels, and you will feel the pull strongly. It still takes much energy to “keep afloat” here. In the state of Inner Will and Allowance, this changes.

People become increasingly more positive and optimistic at Inner Will and Allowance, which again is reflected by increased positive support from Life itself and the occurrence of seemingly “miraculous” synchronicities ranging from simple things like a book you really needed to read falling into your lap or meeting just the right person or teacher at the perfect timing.

This is also a level full of traps and pitfalls, as the Seeker is still very innocently naive at this stage. The ego will often try to stop its own unraveling by dressing up with a brand new “spiritual identity,” and hope you will be satisfied with that.


Emotionality and sensitivity increase up this level as the repressed negative emotions from the lower levels are released and processed out of the system. This is usually known as learning to "Let it go.." and can be a bumpy ride of emotional ups and downs.

Restlessness and excess of unbalanced energy are common. Longing for peace and harmony, the words and concepts in spiritual teachings start to resonate at the medium/higher end of Inner Will to Rationality. The downside is that it's also effortless for the innocent, naive seeker to be fooled by wishful thinking or mistaken intellectual understanding with true Beingness and Realization.


Paradoxically, this is also the level where concepts and words start to be perceived as the "pointers" instead of the unconscious and automatic assignment of rigid, preconceived meaning that happens at the lower levels.


Inner Will to Rationality's medium/upper end is also the first level where the "spiritual ego" truly presents itself and dominates many people on the path. Lacking self-honesty or a point of reference, it's too easy to fall into the trap of "feeling" more enlightened than you truly are based on wishful thinking combined with intellectual understandings and meditative experiences.


It's also easy to be delayed or derailed from the path by all sorts of seemingly impressive "spiritual sideshows" you encounter along the way (lucid dreaming and out-of-body techniques, kundalini meditation, third eye visions, or chakra experiences). The "spiritual/alternative scene" plays out mostly within Inner Will to Rationality's medium/upper end.


The heart's space begins to open as much negativity is cleaned out. It becomes an increasingly dominating influence from Allowance upwards. The person is no longer just functioning from the three lower chakras but has now started to awaken the all-important "motor" of the heart chakra. Unbalanced and exaggerated empathy is common, and there is usually a lot of crying and releasing as the heart keeps expanding and increasing.


"Non-spiritual" Inhabitants of Positivity – Rationality

Non-spiritual people "native" to the Positivity and Trust will usually be decent working-class people or "regular people" oriented towards worldly pleasures/security/survival/materialism and distractions from "negativity."


In the Inner Will and Allowance, you will find many artists, creative people, and educated and successful or career-minded people. Rationality is a level where people start to reach excellence in whatever field of interest they pursue. You will find successful and powerful businesspeople in the corporate world, people with strong leadership abilities who have already mastered their employees' emotional states.


Since most of the intense emotional cleansing has been taken care of in the Inner Will and Allowance, Rationality is a level where intellect, inner understandings, and reason dominate. Thus, many genius scientists, inventors, and artists will be found in Rationality. This is truly the level of "worldly excellence" and success, but Only the Beginning of the real spiritual knowledge, even if the person "knows it all" because spirituality is not about knowledge and understanding but about real experience, real connectedness, "living the talk" and finally about the real Love, Bliss, Presence, Awareness and pure Consciousness itself.

The Release of Compressed Negative Emotions
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