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Change is Here
Are you ready?

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Join the Soulful Journey Online Retreat with Lyonne

* 4 Premium Quality Videos
* At the Comfort of your Home
* Create your Sacred Space
* Transmission Energy Sessions 
* A Gift to your Heart & Soul
* Life Time Access
* Watch any time

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Woman by the Water

Do you desire a life of ease, flow, warmth, and joy?

This 4 Session Online Retreat Includes:

  • Soul Healing

  • DNA Upgrades

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Divine Transmissions

  • Guided Meditations

  • Soul Codes Activations

  • Accessing Higher Consciousness

  • Self-Inquiry

Enjoying the Nature

Isn’t it time to integrate your highest version of yourself, ground higher consciousness, and reactivate all the gifts you were born to share? If it is a YES, then join healer and spiritual teacher Lyonne Sundari for an incredibly healing and awakening Soulful journey into the heart of hearts.

Gift your Heart and Soul


There is so much depth and complexity in the fabric of one’s energy field. It is an endless learning discovery of new depths, heights within the energetics, and finding more precision, and perfection on the journey of returning to one’s Divine Nature.  The highest intention for this retreat is to clear anything that is blocking your way from realizing your Natural Divine Essence.

Purple Stars

Once you begin to create authentic power in a safe and sacred environment, you'll be able to create it in your own life and community.

The Journey to the Soul has always been highly experiential. This year, more than ever before, you have the opportunity to immediately apply what you are learning to your life .

What is the goal you try to reach?

Are You Ready to:

  • Give the gifts you were born to give?

  • Put into practice the ideals you believe in?

  • Integrate your spiritual priorities into your daily life?

  • Become more conscious and empowered?

  • Jumpstart change in your life starting with yourself?

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What are the sessions about?

Session 1:

Deepening & Redirecting the focus to I AM, Bliss Transmission (Amrita Nadi) The channel of Bliss Consciousness.

During this session, we familiarise ourselves with inner silence and ease and redirect our focus and attention back into the source of our being.

Duration: 01:29:57 h
Format: Video

Session 2:

Soul Knowledge | 12 Strands DNA Repair | Crystalline Liquid Transmission & Upgrade

During this meeting, we discuss the Consciousness of our Souls and the importance of activating, restoring our DNA Structure, awakening dormant codes, and reprogramming what doesn't serve us and keep up limited in this NOW. The transmission has a special ingredient of pure energy that lightens every cell of your being. This light is a gift to yourself!

Duration: 01:23:43 h
Format: Video

Session 3:

The Wound of Separation | Discussions | Healing Heart & Soul | Soul Retrieval

During this meeting, we discuss the core wound of separation and investigate deeper where it originates from. The guided meditation is intended to heal, restore anything that you are aware of that holds the initial contraction of pain in the heart and soul and within the sense of separation. A deeper part of the meditation is to take it further to the soul level and retrieve any past life experiences that require restoration and healing.

Duration: 01:01:34 h
Format: Video

Session 4:

Blessing & Transmission of Pure Love with Anandamayi Ma

A gift and celebration at the end of the retreat, Anandamayi Ma`s Presence blesses us with her pure love and bliss, supporting us to surrender to the divine will. Grace showers upon us, uplifting the heaviness through the silver ray energy.

Duration: 33:40 min
Format: Video

Image by Fuu J

We must rise in Consciousness and support the Ascension process of the collective Consciousness by aligning our connection to the Higher Heart, Soul, and Source. So that you heal, restore and return to the Natural Order of One. Awaken to Realize who you are: unshakable Truth, Power, and Love.

The Soulful Journey Retreat focuses on the individual and the collective as healing is provided to the Soul by DNA Upgrades, Soul Retrieval and Divine Transmissions performed by Lyonne Sundari.  Her Consciousness and Ascension Work will reactivate the parts within one’s Soul that need healing and restoration at this time and in other timelines related to the present now.  This Retreat speaks to what is happening in the world right now, how humans have been trapped in restricted realities based on a survival mode of greed and selfishness. We must re-align with the Natural Way.
Law of One, Totality and Wholeness..

Change your life

Lyonne invites you to Surrender into the IS-ness of life. To know your deepest heart and realize THAT which is always here, ever-loving and radiant.

Lyonne´s transmissions have a special quality of Loving Presence, both powerful and radiant, melting and meeting with your heart. She teaches you a powerful way to remain in your deepest heart so that you can gradually dissolve your painful addiction to your identity unconditionally.

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Online Retreat Enrollment

Soulful Journey Retreat

We have the know-how you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I qualified to participate?

No previous experience is required. This content is open for any level with an open mind and openness to access higher consciousness. It was created to help as many people as possible create from integrative living in a world from Heart, Soul & Source. 

  • Is the retreat material brand new?

The retreat has recently taken place in June 2021. 

  • Are the sessions live or prerecorded?

The retreat program is prerecorded.​​​

  • Do you offer any scholarships?

We understand financial hardships and want to support all those on the path of awakening. Therefore, limited full scholarships and partial scholarships are available to those with legitimate financial needs. To apply for a scholarship, please send an email to and request a scholarship application. 

  • How can I get support?

We are here to support you along the way with any questions you may have about purchasing and accessing the course. For support, please email

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