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Shakti Practices & Kundalini Activation

It's an Energy Practice for Ecstatic Awakening Energetics. Starting with a shaking practice to release and relax into the body. Leaving ones mind aside, giving yourself a total experience into you. Sensual embodiment, Chakra activations, better energy flow and a deeper connection with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within. 

This Practice brings transformation, healing, and ecstatic celebration. Shakti Dance is an ecstatic embodiment practice for women and men of all ages.

Shakti Dance Practice

Lyonne Premananda is passionate about assisting people in cultivating their own sexual creative energy for personal awakening & reconnection with their own unique expression of feminine power. Lyonne is a Shakti Spirit Teacher, Evolutionary guide, intuitive healer, and founder of Goddess Essence. Lyonne facilitates and offers retreats all over the world and personal mentoring.

Embody the Divine Feminine

Shakti Dance taps the dancer directly into the energy flows of creation. When aroused through the dance, Kundalini Shakti moves softly and sensually through your body & soul, inspiring the dancer to return to authenticity and vulnerability. She is felt in the body as an ecstatic river of light. She is pure, fluid joy arising from deep within your core. She is the holy fire that cleanses emotional blockages, inspiring us to feel and be present with what is real. She is the power of radical acceptance and self-love.

Embody the Divine Masculine

We can feel the Divine Masculine's universal energies as the light of pure consciousness, a clear crystalline presence that brings clarity of mind, mental focus, and higher consciousness. “He” is the sacred geometrical lattice of the universal mind. Consciousness is the divine healing intelligence source recalibrating our cellular, molecular structure our DNA into alignment with creation.

The Divine Feminine cleans out the old, and the Divine Masculine brings in the new; this is the two's alchemy.
When the divine male and female polarities merge within us, this creates a union of opposites, and one enters into the subtle realms of “the gold,” where all is silent, where all is light. Here in this ecstatic field of silence, we can get in touch with the field of pure potentiality where the creative seed of the highest potentials of our souls can be imagined, birthed, and grounded into our lives. The dancer is opened to a deeper connection with the highest possibility of life, love, and community.

The Art of  Shaking

There are many great reasons to shake, but in my opinion, the most important is “because you feel drawn to do so”!  If shaking is for you, it will keep trying to get your attention, and you will feel a sense of curiosity and anticipation about trying it out. If that is not how you feel, trust your body to tell you what else it would instead do to teach you how to connect with your energies, clear fears, gain strength, and heal. It could be that walking in nature, dancing, chi gong, or still, meditation are much better practices for you in this phase of your journey.  Just pay attention to life’s invitations. 


Shaking is a fire medicine, and those drawn to it can receive a lot from practicing it.

It is clearing One’s trapped energies. Shaking is a powerful way to release tensions and stagnant energy, increase circulation throughout the body, and liberate energy to flow freely and nourish each body's cells. It also offers an extraordinary opportunity to connect with and plug into the larger earth and cosmic energy field.

Clearing Fear and Trauma. We hold much tension in our body, and shaking lets these tensions and excess heat dissolve, allowing us to recover our natural health and vitality.  Many somatic researchers have shown that fear immobilizes us, that it ‘freezes’ energy in our body. Shaking does just the opposite. It heats our energy and thaws the effects of our fears, often back many generations.

It is building Lasting Strength. Shaking is a fire practice, and it is excellent training for spiritual warriors. It allows us to face and clear our fears and anxieties and let go of stress generated by challenging circumstances. It teaches us to become willing (i.e., receptive and open).

We are accessing Greater Mind. Shaking offers a fantastic avenue for releasing our minds free of limiting beliefs and rigidities of all sorts. Once we have shaken ourselves free of our fears and concepts, we find ourselves dwelling beyond the small mind. 

Shake Dance | Lyonne Sundari
Shake Dance | Lyonne Sundari
Shake Dance | Lyonne Sundari
Shake Dance | Lyonne Sundari
Shake Dance | Lyonne Sundari
Shake Dance | Lyonne Sundari
Shake Dance | Lyonne Sundari
Shake Dance | Lyonne Sundari
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