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Healing Sexual Energy Education & Purification

Unraveling Sexual Energy:

Sexual energy, as the most potent creative force, is present in our mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual bodies. The multi-faceted nature of sexual energy is rarely talked about, as we have never been taught to utilize it to enhance our true human potential. Once this energy is purified through different techniques such as breathing, visualization, and meditation, it can become a healing force, a force of creation that can be channeled into any area of your life or a means to raise your consciousness.


On the other hand, this immensely potent energy has been deeply distorted throughout millennia. Humanity has an obsessive-compulsive identification with sexuality. Different addictions, obsessions, exploitation of others, greed, jealousy, etc., are all symptoms of distorted sexual energy. We only utilize five percent of this force, channeling it into sexuality connected to the most basic biological impulse due to deep conditioning and societal programming via shame, guilt, and fear. On our spiritual journey, it is essential that we learn to purify our sexual energy and then allow it to flow through us freely and unboundedly so that we can harmonize our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.


What is your relationship to this creative force? On the spiritual path, as the feminine force/Kundalini Shakti awakens in the base of the spine, it rises up to the sacral or solar plexus center encountering a lot of impure energies on its way. Practitioners who are not mindful of these processes can easily act out from these distorted energies. Learn to utilize sexual energy! It is never too late to explore the deeper aspects of you!

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