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"This Relationship Course will help you Discover New Ways to become more Intimate with Yourself and others from the most Unconditional Place Within You."

You can choose to get the Full Course or purchase the modules separately. 

However, the Full 12 Session Course comes with a Special Bonus!

  • In the newest version of this course, Lyonne has added a new module on Unconditional Love. This video material contains many successful tools that help you increase your Self-Acceptance and Self-Love. This material is BLUEPRINT FOR REAL SELF LOVE. Value of €95!

  • 45 minutes of One-on-One meeting with Lyonne when you have completed the course to have the possibility to ask any questions and share the experiences you’ve had with this course. Value of €120!

“True Love is a natural unconditional state of being, beyond any feeling in the heart. Prior to any experience, prior to any thoughts and ideas.”  - Lyonne Premananda

This relationship course is not attempting to sell you a false promise of a life lived happily ever after…or a shortcut to finding your ideal partner, although it may radically change your relationship with yourself. This course asks you to suspend all of your judgment and fantasies about relationships and be open to a new way!

The full course is divided into three Modules. Through the use of highly effective practices, this course's modular structure aims to integrate the heart, sexuality, and intimacy into the presence of being.

Module 1
Divine Love and Connections

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How you live and how you relate are synonymous! Stop, and reflect for a moment: Is the story of a relationship causing you suffering? Are you willing to dismantle your identity as one in a relationship? What do you perceive as yourself, and what do you perceive as the other? 

Throughout the four pre-recorded video sessions, you will be introduced to the Twelve States of the Heart and the Map of Spirituality, two handy contemporary tools that teach us how life functions. These powerful tools in question help you discover and bring awareness to all of your survival-however subtle or gross strategies unconsciously create unnecessary suffering. This course essentially makes you recognize a call to something much deeper: This is usually the unavoidable path stretching from self-hatred or deep conditioning to the path of self-love and freedom. Ultimately this course shall guide you to see yourself beyond the mind, beyond the emotions, beyond the energies, bringing you closer and closer to who you truly are!

 Module 2
Sacred Sexuality and Intimacy

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Many people would say that sex is as good as it gets because sex is where most people experience bliss, release, silence, or peace. This material essentially calls for our willingness to look into our own lives and see how our sense of happiness and self-worth is somehow linked to our identity as sexual beings. Thus, regeneration of struggle, tension, acquisition, and loss lock us into a deeply conditioned way of living. These powerful teachings shall illuminate what is keeping us away from living a fulfilled life. Once again, the focus is on the primary relationship, which is with ourselves, from an energetic perspective. In this regard, these sessions offer a new way of looking at sexual energy as we learn useful practices to transmute and transform it into a higher form of energy; use it for healing, meditation, creativity, and the activation of our energy centers. To rightly utilize this potent force, we need to learn to balance our lower chakras, the seats of our densest social, cultural, and familial conditioning. In fact, this approach leads us to a higher state of consciousness as we gradually move closer to our untethered being, shedding everything that stands in its way.

Module 3
Presence and New Ways of  Relating

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The most intimate relationship is already here within you! Module three, consisting of four powerful video sessions, helps you to get to know yourself deeper in Presence. Once you have purified and processed the past's conditioned energies, you will have access to Presence Consciousness. It becomes available to you through deep stillness and silence, for it is a state beyond the five senses and beyond time itself. Staying centered neutrally in your experience without the need to understand or judge what is, you transcend the mind. It is a process of continuous re-centering and re-balancing. Presence is transcendent of energy; it is here now neutrally. When two beings meet from the place of their deepest self, it is a true meeting.


  •  Experience much more peaceful and harmonious Relationships

  •  Stop relating to another from a place of conditioning

  •  Stop experiencing the same cycles in your Relationships over and over again

  •  Not be anxious about breakups

  •  Stop worrying whether you will ever find the right partner

  •  Have long-term Relationships

  •  Have ecstatic Sexual experiences


  • The same proven practices have been used by many people to create a real loving connection with themselves and others 

  • The way to connect to Divine Love

  • How to use Sacred Sexuality to experience the deepest Intimacy

  • How to use Sacred Sexuality even without a partner to experience Pleasure and Fulfilment 

  • How to stay present with the given Energies and Dynamics of your Relationship so that you learn a new way of Relating

  • How to unplug from the conditioning of Society and Hollywood to create Authentic love connections that are not based on Fantasies and Glamorous Ideas 

  • Learn how to transform Apathy, Depression, Grief, Sadness, Fear, and Desire into unconditional Love

  • Create a much deeper connection with your own body and increase its sensitivity and openness to receive

  • Learn to let go of the limitations of the past and fully accept your present moment

  • Meet in the deepest Heart - Intimacy - Presence

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Relationships & Intimacy

Online Course

Get access to the Relationships & Intimacy Course today to start feeling deeper in Relationships and Intimacy! Choose the full course for a discounted price including a Bonus, or get the modules separately via the links above.


Special Discounted Fee: €345
Standard Fee: €555
Total Value: €770





Amanda Tonna.jpg

Amanda Tonna 
Holistic Therapist

Lyonne is a great teacher who has dedicated her life to sharing her wisdom and helping people live better lives. I invite everyone to join her classes, retreats, workshops, and personal sessions, as they are truly empowering and life-changing!

Much love and gratitude to you, sister, for opening up a whole new world for me and many more sisters!

Erica Olivia.jpg

I had been feeling lost for a while, searching for spiritual truth, when a friend introduced me to Lyonne. I first started watching her YouTube videos and resonated with her way of explaining and guiding in such a gentle but direct way. It wasn’t confusing anymore. It was like finally found my teacher. During the online sessions, I feel comfortable opening up, being vulnerable, and being honest in front of her. Her beautiful wisdom gives me guidance to reach my highest potential. I am so grateful for meeting this real-life goddess 💓 


Desiree Brincat
Spiritual Practitioner

Lyonne is an amazing spiritual healer. Her One on One Sessions are always transformational, Unique, and Profound on a deep level and showered with Devine Love. She transmits Love, Peace, and Happiness, and Life and Reality will open up in a loving and blissful way. Also, her Retreats are bliss and touch our deepest hearts with much Love and Peace. Her Transmissions and Blessings are absolutely magical too. Words aren’t enough to describe how intense, beautiful and heart warming these shifts take place in such an effortless and loving way. She delivers her knowledge with so much Love and truly holds a very safe and sacred space.

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