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Flowering of Goddess Essence

Live from your Heart 

The heart and womb are closely linked, and together they form the foundational health of our feminine body. In this video, we explore the connection between the heart and the womb and how they can work collaboratively and in unity to support your well-being. I hope you enjoy watching it and that it inspires you to care for yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically!


With Love,

Lyonne Sundari

Are You Ready for Your Next Steps in Healing?

Learn and Experience:

  • Goddess Attunements

  • Being Empowered by Choosing to live from Love

  • Surrender to Divine Love & Bliss 

  • Center with your Higher Vehicles of Consciousness

  • Cultivate Devotion and Selflessness

  • Support the collective consciousness 

  • Share, Sing, Laugh, and Dance with other sisters

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