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A Healing Course for Women  Level 2

Embark Upon a Powerful Journey to Activate, Reclaim & Access Your Sacred Feminine Wisdom!

During this healing course, you will receive transmissions, activations, and codes of wisdom

through the Sundari Lineage Sisterhood of the Rose. 

Date: Friday 16th April 2021 

Time: 18:00 - 21:00  (with a break in between)

Standard Price: €99

After a very successful healing course we had last February; we will now introduce Level 2. 

Level 2 will be an interesting one as well. Focusing on energy healing work, including activation of your Microcosmic Orbit, followed with a guided practice using the Six Healing Sounds Clearing within the womb space and organs. You will also learn the anatomy of the female sexual organs and in relation to your organs. We continue with sexual education about the Three gates to Multi-Orgasms and will introduce the topic of Yoni crystal eggs. We will practice Pelvic floor articulation and will introduce new breast massage techniques. Get ready for a nourishing Friday night.

​You'll have time to share and ask any questions.

This Healing Course for women is designed for every woman of any age and background. These are profound practices that will restore and nurture you not just during this course but for the rest of your life. This course is part of the Sexual Energy New Education and Purification Practices Programme. Bringing awareness to sexual trauma, dogma, and uplift suppression on this topic.


Whether you have already stepped on your spiritual path or not, these practices will definitely teach you a lot of depth about yourself and the relationship you have with yourself. During our past life experiences growing up as a child into adulthood, we have been deeply conditioned around this sensitive topic of sexuality. If you ask any women out there, you will most probably hear that one has had either a horrific experience or has been told distorted truths about sexuality and sexual energy at some point in time. We have a lot to restore and purify. Though at the same time, know that by owning yourself exactly are you are, you become a beacon of light that can heal any past experiences at this present time. All timelines, conditions, distortions, beliefs, and wrong perceptions can be restored, healed, and freed from your consciousness, psychology, and nervous system.

It is time to awaken and return to who you truly are, beyond any structure that was implemented on to you. Start by getting in touch with yourself. Learn practices of Self-Love, learn how to handle emotional turbulences, learn how to maintain a healthy energy body and flow, learn how to be happy, and learn how to cultivate all the beautiful virtues that are embedded and awaiting to awaken with you.

Lyonne Sundari holds a safe space for you to unravel your beauty! Get ready :) 


On Level 2, you will learn:

Session 1

* Education: Sexual Reflexology

* Education: Three Gates to Multi-Orgasm

* Education: Introduction to Yoni Egg 

* Sharing your experiences

* Q&A

Session 2

* Practice: Breast Massage New Techniques

* Practice: Pelvic Floor Articulation

* Activation: Microcosmic Orbit 

* Clearing: Six Healing Sounds

* Sharing your experiences

* Q&A


Level 1 will be available on the Online Shop Soon!

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