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Lyonne Premananda is a spiritual guide and co-founder of the New Humanity Divine Life International Academy, shining the Light on Divine Love, Devotion, and Divine Essence. 


Lyonne assists souls in uncovering and awakening the inherent Truth, Love, and Wisdom of their deepest True Self. With a decade of experience as a spiritual teacher, she has worked with people from all walks of life.


She has helped hundreds of people to awaken to higher levels of consciousness, realize their inherent deepest nature, and return to their whole, utmost loving Self.


Lyonne meets people ready to embark on their spiritual awakening journey and show a profound way to unconditionally remain in their deepest Being, enabling them to gradually dissolve the sense of separation and reunite with their Divine Eternal Self.

The True Home Divine Love

The Path of Love and Surrender enables individuals to align with the Highest Consciousness and establish a profound connection with the Divine. By surrendering illusions and shedding the limitations imposed by the mind, we can awaken to the pure essence that resides within us, untouched by the fluctuations of thoughts, emotions, and energies. This spiritual exploration goes beyond religious, cultural, and societal boundaries, embracing a pure spirituality that transcends human constructs. Through surrendering the contraction of the ego and embracing devotion at its highest level, we dissolve the veils that obscure our deepest truth. Witness how this act of surrender is not a defeat, but a victory that uplifts and reveals the divine essence hidden within us all along. Anandamayi Ma's teachings serve as a beacon of inspiration, guiding individuals to release their identities and fixations that perpetuate a sense of separation, ultimately leading to a profound sense of unity and connection with the Divine.


Online Live Broadcast Talk and Meditation & Q&A with Lyonne

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Tuesdays @3 PM CEST (GMT+1)

Join us!


Lyonne offers weekly, online live web broadcasts, sharing her wisdom and offerings with the worldwide community. It is a wonderful opportunity to be introduced to her teachings right from the comfort of your own home.

Each live broadcast includes a talk, followed by a guided meditation and Q&A session.

We are excited to connect with you during the upcoming session.

See you then!


What is a Consciousness Transmission?

A Consciousness Transmission refers to the transfer of consciousness energy from Lyonne towards an individual, with the purpose of activating a higher level of consciousness and dissolving any barriers that may be preventing the individual from reaching their full potential. This transmission is made possible due to the fact that Source Consciousness is all-pervading and omnipresent, existing within every particle of nature, including the unmanifest. Through this process of awakening, activation, and clearing, an individual can experience a greater sense of connection with the universe and a deeper understanding of their own true nature.


Divine Love Consciousness Transmissions are a powerful way to access deeper levels of spiritual awareness and growth. During the session, Lyonne will assist in connecting you with your higher self and opening up to Divine Love and Grace. This includes connecting with your Divine guidance, activating healing energies, and exploring the power of self-love and acceptance. Lyonne will help you explore your inner world and make powerful shifts in your life, allowing you to experience greater peace, joy, and clarity.


Through the transmission of Divine Energy, Lyonne will assist in opening up and activating dormant areas of your consciousness, leading you to higher levels of Love, Awareness, and openness. 



Witness the Blossoming of Your Consciousness


The 12 Initiations Program is a direct path to discovering your natural Self. The most enriching and liberating experience you can have is discovering who you truly are. The more your Soul and Source reveal themselves in your present, the brighter they shine. This program is designed to support you in surpassing your limitations and opening yourself up to your ultimate formless Being.


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Welcome to Lyonne's Podcast!

In this Podcast channel, we have compiled some of the best material from Lyonne's teachings. These illuminating episodes will cover topics such as the Path of Love, 12 Initiations, Non-Dual Life, Consciousness, and Ascension teachings. 

New episode every fortnight!


Dates coming out soon!


Meditation Course Module 1

Support & Guide people on their spiritual path


Meditation Course Module 2

Learn to give Consciousness Transmissions


Welcome to the Worldwide Community of New Humanity Divine Life!

Whether you are seeking a teacher to help you raise your consciousness level, looking for spiritual advice and guidance, or wanting to connect with one of our centers around the world, you can find support on your journey here.

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Manvir Dhinse 
Meditation Teacher & Life Coach

Lyonne's sessions are so powerful! She can effortlessly guide you to the full consciousness always available, showering you in love and compassion. Her sessions are like no other, and recently experiencing a transmission through one of her spiritual teachers (Anandamayi Ma) was a deeply shifting experience. 

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I had been feeling lost for a while, searching for spiritual truth, when a friend introduced me to Lyonne. I first started watching her YouTube videos and resonated with her way of explaining and guiding in such a gentle but direct way. It wasn’t confusing anymore. It was like finally found my teacher. During the online sessions, I feel comfortable opening up, being vulnerable, and being honest in front of her. Her beautiful wisdom gives me guidance to reach my highest potential. I am so grateful for meeting this real-life goddess 💓 


Desiree Brincat
Spiritual Practitioner

Lyonne is an amazing spiritual healer. Her One on One Sessions are always transformational, Unique, and Profound on a deep level and showered with Devine Love. She transmits Love, Peace, and Happiness, and Life and Reality will open up in a loving and blissful way. Also, her Retreats are bliss and touch our deepest hearts with much Love and Peace. Her Transmissions and Blessings are absolutely magical too. Words aren’t enough to describe how intense, beautiful and heart warming these shifts take place in such an effortless and loving way. She delivers her knowledge with so much Love and truly holds a very safe and sacred space.