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This is an invitation to your Divine Self as an eternal Consciousness free from all worldly attachments and limitations. Divine eternity is eternal and exists in the heart of your Soul beyond the five senses, all subtle energies, mental activity, and form.

I'm Lyonne, a Spiritual Guide shining the light on the Path of Love, Devotion, and Absolute Nature. My Dharma is to assist souls in uncovering and awakening the inherent Truth, Love, and Wisdom of their deepest Self.


With years of experience as a spiritual guide, I have worked with people from all walks of life. I meet people ready to embark on their spiritual awakening journey, and one of my specialties is Divine Love Consciousness Transmissions, a powerful way to melt and merge with your Divine Eternal Nature. I offer a profound way to unconditionally remain in your deepest Being so that you can gradually dissolve your sense of separation, dual identities and reunite with your Divine Eternal Self.

I am committed to supporting you on your journey toward self-realization and spiritual advancement. If you are committed and resonate with the Levels of Consciousness teachings, I can help you uncover your true essence and align with your Divine Nature.


I am here to support you on that journey.


Divine Love can only be experienced beyond one's intellect and reasoning. It is available and possible for everyone to taste the divine nectar. This love is not related to the heart chakra or the five senses associated with worldly connectivity. To experience Divine Love, we must surrender and find refuge in the Divine. 


Online Live Broadcast Talk and Meditation & Q&A with Lyonne

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Tuesdays @3 PM CEST (GMT+1)

Join us!


Lyonne offers weekly, online live web broadcasts, sharing her wisdom and offerings with the worldwide community. It is a wonderful opportunity to be introduced to her teachings right from the comfort of your own home.

Each live broadcast includes a talk, followed by a guided meditation and Q&A session.

We are excited to connect with you during the upcoming session.

See you then!


What is a Consciousness Transmission?

A Consciousness Transmission refers to the transfer of consciousness energy from Lyonne towards an individual, with the purpose of activating a higher level of consciousness and dissolving any barriers that may be preventing the individual from reaching their full potential. This transmission is made possible due to the fact that Source Consciousness is all-pervading and omnipresent, existing within every particle of nature, including the unmanifest. Through this process of awakening, activation, and clearing, an individual can experience a greater sense of connection with the universe and a deeper understanding of their own true nature.


Divine Love Consciousness Transmissions are a powerful way to access deeper levels of spiritual awareness and growth. During the session, Lyonne will assist in connecting you with your higher self and opening up to Divine Love and Grace. This includes connecting with your Divine guidance, activating healing energies, and exploring the power of self-love and acceptance. Lyonne will help you explore your inner world and make powerful shifts in your life, allowing you to experience greater peace, joy, and clarity.


Through the transmission of Divine Energy, Lyonne will assist in opening up and activating dormant areas of your consciousness, leading you to higher levels of Love, Awareness, and openness.